Thursday, August 16, 2007

Three cheers for Martin! Hip, hip Hooray!

Well my clever clogs husband has managed to retrieve all the files off the lost hard drive. The computer still doesn't recognise it and it is possible that it has bad sectors somewhere but what matters to me is that I have all my folders and files safely stored on another drive and as soon as Martin gets off my computer and lets me have it back I will sort them all out and save the ones that I want to keep on my ICY box. There is every chance that I will eventually have a computer that is superb and faster than a racing snake but at the moment Martin is enjoying tweaking it. I really do find typing on a laptop a trial but I am grateful I've got one!
Dee if you're reading this I tried emailing you using the address you gave me and it kept coming back! Can you email me direct so I can reply from that? Thanks!
I have found some old pictures on the laptop so I am going to delight any one reading this with a couple of blasts from the past! One is a Crazy Patchwork throw sashed with a gorgeous bright blue dupion. One is a quick collage that I did after being impressed by the sunset, and the other is a piece of work still in progress with appliqued leaves on a manipulated background. The collage has to be forty years old. The throw is only about seven and the leaves have been waiting for a year or even two to be finished! One day..... As to what I'm working on at the moment...I am still plodding on with my large sampler quilt and dyeing material for it as I run out. I always under estimate just how much fabric I'm going to need. And I have spent a considerable amount of time putting my files back into EQ5. And just generally phaffing about on the computer looking at stuff!


  1. Valeri, the autumn throw was with you in La Bourboulle?
    I loved that one.

  2. I love your racing snake comment about the speed of a computer! My desktop is much faster than my laptop but not the speed of the new ones.