Thursday, August 02, 2007

Feeling Positive!

Today was a good day...twice! Why? Well firstly because we are trying to bring our bathroom into the 21st century and to that end we bought a couple of bathroom cabinets,some shelving and a folding shower screen to go over the edge of the bath instead of a shower curtain. I hate shower curtains as they wrap around one when wet and it's a bit like taking a shower in seaweed! This one is neat and folds away when not in use. So what is good about all this? When we got home from the store Martin fitted the shower screen! And since then we have both been able to see how much nicer showering is! And when I showered there were no leaks at all! The same could not be said for Martin's shower but then he is a very active showerer! This is't to say that I'm not efficient, just that I don't wave my arms around and spray water everywhere! Now to wait for the cabinets to go up! I'm not holding my breath!
And secondly a package that I've been waiting for from the States arrived today! I seem to have been waiting for it for ages but it cleared customs yesterday evening and was delivered this morning! So they didn't hang about! I am thrilled as it was some quilty stuff which I'll now be able to play with. This is a belated present for my birthday so doubly enjoyable. A special cutting square and a book! Oh joy!

I've finished the Drunkard's Path quilt. I am very pleased with the way it worked out but not so pleased with the quilting. Once it all went pear-shaped in the middle I think I gave up the will to live with the rest of it and it isn't up to my best but having said that it isn't that bad! And I've learnt lots. The most important being that I should have over-dyed the Liberty lawn so that it blended with the hand-dyes better. Oh well one lives and learns. Now I'm starting a sampler quilt for the Autumn term lessons. I'm using all the quick techniques that I have picked up so that it will be a real learning curve. That is if I get any student's in the Autumn after the cuts in funding. Well I can always hold classes at home. I'm being positive! It's the best way to be and I have found the best way to have life work out in a way that is what one wants. Of course a lot of that works on the premise that one is happy with what one has rather than miserable about what one can't have! I shall stop now before I make everyone sick! :-)


  1. Hurrah for you. Positive is definitely the way to go. Means that when you give up the will to live in the middle of quilting a piece, you actually FINISH it!!!

  2. Please take a picture of the folding shower screen (with Marvin showering if possible).
    I can't picture what it looks like. We have a shower curtain (2)in our clawfoot tub.

  3. MARTIN showering would be better, but Marvin would do in a pinch.