Monday, May 30, 2005

All Change

While putting packs together I needed to find some bits and pieces and by the time I'd turfed everything out I had virtually denuded my workroom. So I decided in my infinite wisdom to re-arrange it! Did I really need the extra work? No but it was worth it. The room is so small that moving anything around is a nightmare especially the table which takes up most of the room. That said everything went into place nicely and I was well pleased with the results. It gives me so much more room. I could have both sewing machines up at the same time if I really needed to but it isn't really convenient to have more than one up constantly. And that of course has to be my Artista! But this new arrangements means I can swivel between machine and ironing board. And their is more floor space so I can get to everything without having to stand on the table! See new picture for seemingly bigger workroom.

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