Saturday, May 28, 2005

Now the day is over!

Well I've dyed the threads, done some weeding in the garden and put in some extra strawberry plants plus skeining up some extra threads ready for the morning. All in all a successful day considering I spent the morning in town. I'm well pleased with the colours of the threads. A lovely jade shade especially delights me. I shan't want to part with it! I took some photos while gardening of daisies and little violas. They will work as inspiration for another piece of work; either applique or silk ribbon embroidery. Or even both! I love this time of year as everything looks so fresh and colourful. The leaves are still a clean green and so many different greens at that from the grey/blue of the Eucalyptus to the strong green of the hawthorne. And the hawthorne blossom is a picture especially against the rhodedendrons. I seem to be cultivating a giant triffid! In actuality I think it is a sport from the creeping comfrey I had. It has obviously reverted to its original format. It is massive! On the one hand I am a great admirer of comfrey for its herbal properties but on the other hand do I want this gigantic green plant taking over my garden? Perhaps I can dig it up and move it so it isn't so prominent. Thought for tomorrow!

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