Friday, May 27, 2005

Busy Day

Had to dye up skeins of threads for orders in hand. I find that skeining threads is very tedious and I always leave it to the last minute to do which is probably why I'm always in a panic for various colours of threads. Need to do some teals and lavenders and a whole range of browns from darkest almost black/brown to pale taupes and beiges. I love mixing up browns as it is so exciting waiting to see exactly what one is going to get with the different fibres. I have a lovely thread that is a mixture of cotton and acrylic and it dyes with a wonderful candy striped effect. I shall be sorry when it is all gone as I don't know where I can get any more. This was a relic from my Mum's knitting machine days in the 70's. I've got a good video to watch so will try and get some more skeining done tonight. Not quite so mindless then.

I've dye/pained a half metre of fabric and it came out so well that I think I will quilt it and turn it into a wall hanging. I might add applique to it to follow the flower theme. Once I get going I will be inspired and that will lead me where I'm to go. I often find that my fabric pieces almost dictate what I am to do with them. I'm going to put up a picture of a similar but smaller piece I've done.....if I can find it!

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