Monday, May 30, 2005


It turned into a lovely sunny afternoon so Martin and I went down to the Fal river to look at his mooring for his prospective boat. While he looked I took my camera and had fun taking pictures of the shoreline. Some lovely rusted chain that will provide future inspiration for a wall hanging and shells and seaweed; all of which will start me off on various collages. I even took a picture of a dead crab as you never know when it might come in useful to have a picture of a dead crab. It had a lovely green shell. The rusted anchor chain was the thing which gave me the most ideas though. Lovely twists and that gorgeous orange colour. I am very into orange because it is a colour I never wear but when it comes to quilts and things I use it abundantly especially with blue and green. When I was at Art School, many many years ago, I wove a large rug which I still use today; and that was in orange and green with a touch of blue. I was inspired by the paintings of Rothko at the time and the rug got me an A+ mark!


  1. Ah... I also love Rothko. Welcome to the Ring. I am just getting in to dyeing and really look forward to reading your blog. What I have seen of it so far is fab!!


  2. Nice images. Thanks for sharing, and welcome! Jen