Friday, May 27, 2005

Not working!

Having a hard time uploading pictures! Don't know why as the program worked well yesterday. I managed to get a few pictures up and then it wouldn't work. Perhaps I've exceeded my amount for today! These are pieces of experimental work that I have been doing using felt. In the mixed media piece I also used hand-made paper (see instructions on my site: ) and teased out fleece with gauze and woollen speciality threads. I had great fun doing this. I then moved on to felt as a background with machine embroidery using gold foil and garden twine. The felt is very easy to make and the gold foil is from tomato puree tubes opened up and cleaned. The machine needle goes through it very easily. This is the piece I can't get to display as a picture! Ratz! I'm now working on layered felt and cut open machined squares so that the layers could be seen. I think I'll add in some beads and some hidden treasures. And the hydrangea piece was an experiment a la Richard Box. Was fun to do; very effective; and quick! Tomorrow I'll have another go at loading up so more pieces. Now I must go and get on with the dreaded skeining!

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