Sunday, May 29, 2005


I don't know why but I am shattered! I've spent the day sorting fabric to put into packs for orders. The trouble with sorting fabric is that I get sidetracked when I come across an interesting piece and start thinking of things I could do with it and before I know it an hour has gone by. Found some lovely Chinese brocades that I had forgotten I'd got. Some of them are really lovely with butterflies all over them. For some unknown reason I seem to have a dearth of yellow fabric. I must remember this when I'm next stocking up. In fact this gives me a good excuse to go out and buy more fabric! Or I could even dye some of the silk dupion that I have tucked away. Everytime I go through my tubs of fabric I say to myself that I must get them organised and still it hasn't been done. Which is why I am always finding treasures. The latest find is a plastic bag full of signed patches from the Crazy Quilt Convention at Omaha in 2000 when I was teaching there. I had every intention of making these into a signature quilt but now I am going to go one better and make a photo memory quilt as I have loads of pictures to go with the signatures. Some I know and others I can't remember the names of so I shall have to put them up on the blog and ask people to identify themselves. Well I hope that they will or someone will. Then I'll transfer the photos to fabric and hey presto we're in business. Five years late but better late than never. I could do the same with the pictures I took in Nashua. At this rate I could end up with a giant King size quilt! Think I'll go and look out some pictures and start the ball rolling!

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