Friday, May 27, 2005

Now the day is ending!

Well I want to put up pictures of my works in progress but haven't yet sussed out how to actually upload pictures! Not as easy as working in Dreamweaver! But I'll get there eventually. Has been that kind of day. Made the block from hell this morning. Don't know why I wanted to make a medallion block for my last patchwork lesson this term. Must have been mad! To begin with couldn't find the carbon paper so thought I'd mark the lines with transfer crayons. Bad move. Lines were much to thick! But I plodded on. Fudging it all the way until I ended up with two very creditable half blocks. So far so good. Then disaster struck. There was no way these two blocks were going to go together and look as if they were the same block. So I gave up! But I will know all the pitfalls when I'm demonstrating this in class. My students will all hate me I'm sure as it will really tax their brains. I'll know in the autumn as to whether or not they come back for more!

The next project is going to be much more fun. A crazy pieced background with applique black silhouette cats all over it. I'm motivated all ready and will start as soon as I clear the work load and can give my time to it. Next week if I'm lucky! I mustn't complain as I'm thrilled to bits to be getting orders off my site using the PayPal facility I set up. This is the bread and butter that enables me to have the cream as well. Must dye some more threads so will probably spend tonight skeining up ready for the dye bowl in the morning. And must suss the picture thingy!

Off to work at something. Even if its only going into my workroom and looking at threads!

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  1. Val: Lovely site....and your work room is absolutely too organized... I need help, come on over and give me a hand.. Love your paper.