Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Even more trivia!

Even more trivia because I'm not doing anything at the moment. Well nothing arty anyways. Lots of re-inventing of my house, especially the workroom which is giving me lots of pleasure as space becomes a reality and not a dream. My final cupboard arrives next Tuesday and I should then be able to do the final organisation of stuff in the kitchen which includes all my dyeing things. Its a knock-on effect of moving things from one place to another and then when that place is clear moving stuff from another area and so on and so forth. I am becoming an expert at getting a quart into a pint pot! I have found time to cut out a pair of trousers and a matching little strappy top for Fenella in some of my hand-dyed fabric. Pictures when I've managed to sew them. Don't hold your breath! They are for the summer so I have time.

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