Saturday, March 11, 2006

Quietly dying!

I am not well! For days now I have been trying to shake off a cold picked up from my grandson who arrived with a sniffle and a hacking cough. To begin with I thought I had cracked it and wasn't going to suffer but then the croaky voice arrived and after that the tight chest quickly followed by the tickly cough and the cotton wool filled head. I have been trying to do things but to no avail as I have no interest in anything, not even dyeing with an 'e' as opposed to dying which is how I feel. And as soon as I go to bed the tickly cough starts up and eventually in desperation I have to get up in search of a remedy. Can you see that I feel really sorry for myself? That is why I am blogging because it is taking my mind of my immediate misery! The only thing that I have achieved is to cut up lots of strips of fabric in preparation for a Magic Squares quilt. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow full of vim and vigour and miraculously cured so that I can make the quilt! Well I can always hope. I'm going to put up some pictures of beautiful Falmouth and environs and then I'm going to try going to bed ...again! Hopefully to sleep!


  1. ick, i was feeling how miserable you must be...tight chest and hacking cough are horrid...i hope you are feeling some relief!

  2. Oh, no, not you, too! It must be a pandemic, honestly. Last week I woke up, didn't need to talk for a few hours, then when I did, discovered I had NO voice! Lasted 3 days, and were my friends glad! I sure hope you feel better-- chesty colds are horrible.

    Oh, and thank you for your nice compliment on my beads. Just what I needed!;)

  3. Valeri,

    I hope you are feeling better. I know how miserable it is to be sick like that.