Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bitterly cold!

It is bitterly cold here and I am huddled in front of a roaring log fire. Fires are so warming and cosy. I am determined not to put the central heating on until it is really cold. Like three inches of snow on the ground! One of the joys of having a lap top computer is that it is portable and can be set up wherever one wants. Of course that means no printing or scanning but warmth is more important at the moment.

I have been wicked and bought a supply of fabrics. Mostly Christmas fabrics but some I couldn't resist like the African prints above and the lovely metallic green underneath them. I needed more Christmas fabrics for making samples for my Christmas workshop next week but unfortunately for my bank account there were lots of other delectable fabrics in the shop as well. I have taken this Friday and the following Monday as holidays so that I can have a long weekend in which to achieve stuff. I like to offer the students lots of choice as everyone has different needs when it comes to Christmas decorations, gifts or cards so I try to cater for all. And it's fun!
I have treated myself to Marian Barnett's book on using Lutradur. As I have a large roll of this which has been languishing (isn't that a great word!) in my workroom, when I read about her CD book I knew I had to have it. From reading the content's list it sounds most exiting and although I have used Lutrudur and blogged about it in the past I need something to get me going again. This will be it!


  1. We've had our central heating on since AUGUST! the book sounds fab and the fabrics even MORE fab - GOT to have fabric!!
    Loved your new "old" pics of past pieces of work, esp. the CP throw! yummy yummy YUMMMMMY.

  2. I hope some of our unseasonably warm weather makes it over to you. I hate the winter heating bills so I have invested in some warmer than usual clothing for winter.