Saturday, October 18, 2008


I spent Thursday morning searching for some beads that I knew I had somewhere and felt that I'd seen them recently while searching for something else! Of course I didn't remember where! By the time I had to go to work I was totally frustrated so I spent some time re-designing my workroom so that I could go through EVERYTHING! I came home, fed my husband and then started stripping out everything in the room, furniture and all. It all got piled on the spareroom bed and at one stage I completely marooned myself in the room not being able to get out! Then I started to putting the furniture all back in the new arrangement and wonder of wonders my plan actually worked! Stand back in amazement! But then I had to bring back all the bits and pieces and sewing paraphenalia. By the time I cleared half the bed I was beginning to feel like an old woman of 100! The next evening I finished it all off. I didn't think everything was going to go back but with a bit of organisation there were only a couple of things that ended up in the attic or under the spare room bed. Well if those things had gone in the attic I would never have used them again! Things like the frame for doing large machine embroideries on the Bernina. The pictures above are of the new layout. A very strange one but it does work. The views work round the room looking in from the door; then the left wall; window; right wall; and then looking at the back wall with the bookcase; and finally underneath the workbench and table. Not an inch of space is wasted. Oh, did I tell you this room is 7 foot by 7 foot 6 inches. Not overly big! But with this arrangement I have my ironing pad AND cutting board out next to each other.AND I can get at everything without having to move things. So useful! Of course my husband reckons I've got to much stuff! Of course I haven't!
Oh yes and I've bought the SewEzi sewing table and I'm in love! It is wonderful. I have already thought of five uses for it. But more of that tomorrow when I've taken some pictures.

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  1. Val, I did this once myself! when I had to incorporate my LMM's sewing room into mine, I remember piling EVERYTHING from hers and mine all in our bedroom and NOTHING went back into my sewing room until it had been examined and inspected and I was completely ruthless and threw out a lot of stuff too.
    it made me much more organised and it was good to completely resort EVERYTHING.
    ps I felt a bit overwhelmed that night going to sleep with all my crafty contents piled up to ceiling height around us in the bed! I didn't think I'd get it all back IN but it did!