Monday, October 06, 2008

More black and white

The second block in the black and white series. This one was to use the quick technique for 1/2 square triangles. I love pin wheels and in black and white they certainly stand out. I also made the block below which isn't yet quilted or pressed, but is destined to be a mat of some description. If I put an applique in the centre it will be a table centre otherwise I expect it will join the others in this colouring and be a place mat. I did one in this colouring using the quick nine patch technique. Stupidly I chose the tan print without really thinking about it and if I can't get more then I'll have to change the colouring. The bluey piece is fine as it is a hand-dye and I can always dye similar but the holly print will be harder to get more. I don't often use prints (bought ones) so I'm not used to thinking about quantities when I'm playing. For a large project obviously I would have been better prepared.

It is bitterly cold here and I didn't get round to lighting a fire before it became to late to bother so a quick burst of heat is in order I think. That is the trouble with working. It is such a rush when one arrives home. At least I only work in the afternoons so I get a lot of stuff done in the morning. Into town in the morning so there won't be much accomplished tomorrow!

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