Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SewEzi Sewing Table!

I really love this sewing table. The picture above is of it folded up having just come out of it's carrying case. It is so easy to put up!

This is it up with my Husqvarna 1100 in it. I had it made to take both my Husqvarna and my Bernina 180. The Bernina being the bigger of the two machines I have to put in small disks to raise up the Husqvarna. Very simple to do.

This is a close up.

You can see from this picture that when the Bernina is in it there will be plenty of room for the knee lift to operate. This was an important point for me as I use the knee lift all the time and really miss it when I'm using the 1100. A point to note is that if one rolls the table in wet weather it would be necessary to wipe the wheels as they are in close proximity to the sewing area. Just a thought!

This view is with the clear insert so that the table can be used as a light box. I really like this idea and it will be so useful when I'm taking a class.

This is the insert that turns it into a table. In this mode it would be useful for rotary cutting, ironing using a pressing cloth or even as a spare table for a buffet or whatever,as well as taking the machine so that the free arm can be used.

And here it is ready to roll all packed up in it's carrying bag. It has a handle at the top and also at the side (on the right in the picture above). It is very simple to pack up and cover and it stands on it's own too. There is a large pocket at the front for all the inserts and a smaller pocket at the back for the disks. All in all I think it is wonderful and even my husband was impressed. Two of my friends have seen it and are keen to have one. It is ideal for anyone with a lack of space as it takes up so little room. I'm in love!


  1. I want one! It's just what I need in my tiny flat. Except that I don't think I even have room to store it folded up. Maybe I should get rid of the ironing board to make room...!

  2. Well with this dinky table you don't need an ironing board as you can iron on it as well! Every girl should have one!

  3. Thanks for the helpful review, Valeri! The question of whether or not the knee lift could be used was what was holding me back.