Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Finished Place Mats

This is a mixed 9-patch piece with appliqued holly leaves across it. I had some left over from the leaf mats. These will be place mats as they are too wide for the tray. The lighting isn't very good I'm afraid. Sorry!

This is the piece that I put up a few days ago but now it is finished. I decided to do applique on this one as well with the last remaining holly leaf. This fits as the mustardy tan fabric has a pattern of swirling holly leaves. And I've been able to find more of this fabric so I'll be able to make a complete set! I like them even if no one else does! Obviously they look better in the flesh!
I am feeling very cheerful as I've had good results back from my chest X-rays so I'm going to live to fight another day or two! I have to take care not to get stressed, not to over do it and not to get any chest infections in the near future. As there are at least two people in my place of work with streaming colds this could be hard but I'll do my best.
It has been a lovely sunny day here and I've just picked a handful of baby courgettes with more to come. Plus a couple of dozen round carrots. Very late in the season but they have taken that long to grow. If the weather is nice at the weekend I want to do some sun printing as the sun is surprisingly still quite hot. Well when out of the wind. Today was as still as a mill pond so hopefully it will remain that way.
I still can't make my mind up about the Sew-Ezi sewing table. Do I want to spend all that money when we are on the edge of a recession. Hard decision to make! I could buy loads of yummy fabric or even a new mattress for the spare room bed. Not easy!

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  1. I absolutely love my sew-ezi table and wouldn't be without it - if that helps your decision, it was worth every penny of those 50+ pounds sterling I paid for it