Thursday, October 30, 2008

Old stuff revisited!

While tidying up my pictures folder I came across some old stuff that I did several years ago. And not having any new stuff to show I thought I'd put in a few of the old ones.

This is a silk ribbon embroidery that I had great fun doing. I spilt coffee on the silk and had to paint over it which is why it is as it is. The coffee stains actually helped the paving colour! And I can remember that all the while I was painting the gate my tongue was hanging out I was concentrating that hard! But it is one of my favourite pieces even today!

This piece is even older. It must be all of thirty or even forty years old. It is a collage using mainly nets and some velveteen for the sun. It was meant to represent the sun sinking into the horizon with a dark and choppy sea. Very abstract! I wonder how I would tackle this today. Perhaps when I have a moment I'll try it!

This is my favourite piece of crazy patchwork. It is called Autumn Leaves. So original! I had such fun doing it. And I even did some needle tatting to make motifs for it. The sashing is gorgeous silk dupion. The colour is heavenly! I now have it as a throw and the colours are as bright as ever.

And last but not least a more recent unfinished piece. In fact if I'm truthful I will tell you that I had completely forgotten about this series of leaf pictures. There are four of them in all. Two in greeny browns and two in this bluey pink colouring. These are meant to be leaves in the moonlight while the other two are leaves in the day. I really must finish them. It is amazing how many pieces I do that have leaves in them. The leaves here are all hand painted and the backgrounds are woven fabrics overstitched with thread and heavier wools. I am ashamed of myself for not finishing these off years ago. They must have been hidden up for at least two if not three years now. So much to do, so little time. Story of my life!

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