Sunday, October 23, 2005

Finding treasures.

I still haven't got my voice back but apart from that I'm feeling fine so decided to clear out some boxes from under my work desk. In amongst lots of junk I found the silk ribbon work that I've attached below. Some of these pieces are quite old and I had forgotten I even did them let alone still had them. One was part of a series I did as kits. Somewhere I have the instructions for things done as kits but to date I haven't found them. I'm hoping I didn't decide that I wouldn't ever need them again and discarded them. This happens!

And I managed to get all my dyeing ironed and was able to continue with the rock pool diptych. This is causing me a small amount of angst as I am not sure how I want to proceed. Do I couch all the threads down individually or do I just stitch over the piece in a random manner catching whatever comes under the needle and leaving the rest to float? Is difficult!

Tonight I am roasting a variety of vegetables in olive oil with garlic for dinner to go with the pork chops. The smell is absolutely delicious! And then after dinner I am going to read a book by Mary Higgins Clark called While My Pretty One Sleeps. It will probably be incredibly creepy and just right for a wet and windy Sunday evening! Tomorrrow I will continue with the rock pools having made some decisions over night! I hope!

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