Friday, October 21, 2005

Lost my voice!

Today I finally lost my voice. I had a good class in the morning. I do like my Friday morning classes; they are such fun. Today we did curved piecing and mastering the intricacies of the Curve Master presser foot. In fact we found that as long as the presser foot had short legs then it would use the same technique and make wonderful curves. So not necessary to pay a fortune for a very cheaply made foot! By lunch time I was croaking well. And by the middle of the afternoon I had very little voice left at all which was wonderful considering that my part-time job is as a receptionist and I spend most of the time answering the phone! So I lost the will to live and went home!

I'm going to post the last of my 'away from home' pictures and then I will go to bed with a hot toddy and watch a DVD on the lap top remembering to put it on a hard tray so that the bedclothes don't catch fire! Hopefully I shall be fully recovered by tomorrow! Hope springs eternal!

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