Saturday, October 29, 2005

Less is more or how I stuck an oak leaf to the ironing pad!

Sometimes I know I am working on only half a cylinder! Why do I know this? Because today thinking I'd straighten out an oak leaf I'd painted I ironed it, totally forgetting that I had already applied Bondaweb and removed the backing paper! Stupid!

So I am an oak leaf down but this isn't that important as I have decided that less is more and that I can get two pieces of work out of one. This has made life much easier for me as I now don't have to decide between two backings but can use both and still maintain the effect I wanted. In fact I can have my cake and eat it! Pictures will be posted in a minute! Having spent all yesterday evening deliberating on my leaf piece and even painting more leaves I am quite relieved to have come to this decision. Now I can fuse and sew. I shall still put the black edging round the smaller piece but will probably leave the larger piece as it is.

This morning it poured with rain but we had a successful morning in Falmouth. Firstly we had coffee in Wetherspoon's on the Moor. We usually try and get a table in the window in the circular part so we can watch the world go by. The orange bit is the bus shelter!
This is Sue at our window table! She'll hate me for this photo as it isn't one of her best!
Then I bought a gorgeous skirt and Sue bought a pair of amazing black suede boots with fur around the top. I didn't think to take a photo! Several charity shops later I had a couple of books, some picture frames and a fruit bowl! We parked in the Gas Works car park on the harbour. So called because in days gone by it used to be the site of the old gas works but no one now remembers that except me or so it seems! I am that ancient! The wind was tremendous and off the sea. This is Sue's dinky little sports car!
We drove home by the scenic route which took us past the beach. The waves were gorgeous. I do love rough seas. There were even kids in surfing! Brrrrr!
And now I'm going to dye!

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  1. The ocean looks beautiful! I like the second leaf piece too.