Monday, October 31, 2005


I took the photo in a graveyard in a small village near Penzance and then played with it in Photoshop to create the 'ghosts'. It is dress-up day at work so I may go in as a witch! I have the hat and plenty of black clothing to choose from. As I have my first session observation this morning for my new job as a Session Observer in Adult Education I may not feel like being frivolous this afternoon. It depends how stressful it is. I may need the light relief!

A Happy Birthday to Ginger of Gingerfied. What a great day to have a birthday on! Enjoy!

I have been impressed with all the before and after pictures of people's workrooms/studios. The only trouble is that when I go up to my workroom with tidying in mind I get sidetracked before I've dealt with one box. I am promising myself that this Christmas when I get ten days holiday that I will have a real blitz on it. I'm getting quite excited about my new cupboard in the dining area and if that works well then I may have some more built in cupboards put into the spare room. Floor to ceiling is good as that way maximum use is made of the space. At the moment the free standing cupboards and wardrobes have all got stuff piled on top of them which adds to the chaos. I'll take some pictures this evening before I get any inclinations to tidy up!

Today I have to:
1. Do a session observation from 10.30 .......
2. Write up the notes from above
3. Go to work
4. Continue with leaf project but I'm not going to bore you with this anymore until finished! Promise!
5. Print out hand-out sheets for classes at end of the week.

I feel tired already! Grin


  1. Love the photo...and am still amazed at how much work you are doing. Cleaning can be daunting...I should know right? My theory is just a little area at a time and before you know it, all is done. Remember that is a theory.

  2. Nice picture, intresting blog too... I am at if you wanna have a look.. Cornwall is a lovely part of the world. I have spent a few hoildays there.
    cheers kel