Thursday, October 20, 2005

More on my travels!

While in London I went to a car boot sale and found some leather pieces for £1.50 each. These are large pieces of leather and I bought four of them. One blue, one red, one black and one brown. I have all sorts of ideas for using them. I just need time! I'm being deprived of time constantly! Its making me quite cranky as there is so much I need to head is full of ideas and I can't get them down on paper fast enough! As well I also bought some fantastic bundles of Indian cotton and rayon lace. I even bought a huge bundle in white for dyeing.

This picture doesn't really do them justice! And I found a box of clamps that will be ideal for using when dyeing. All in all a good day and it was so hot!

On the way home we stopped at Pickett's Lock and were just in time to see to barges going through the lock which was fascinating. I took loads of pictures including fascinating ones of ripples and water reflecting on the bridges and leaves floating. So many things to start the juices running with regard to ideas. And I have all those wonderful paints and pencils which I'm dying to use. Plus I have to finish my dyptich of my rock pool! Don't know about the spelling there! And I want to work on some of the UFO painted pieces I have.

I'm going to send my Victorian wardrobe to my daughter as she has always coveted it. It is made of an assortment of woods with carved doors and two large drawers at the bottom. One side is hanging and the other has a shelf with two pull out trays underneath it and then three drawers. It holds a lot of stuff but not as much as a custom built floor to ceiling cupboard the length of the wall will hold. Especially if it is planned purposefully to take my boxes etc. In fact a unit like this would transform the room. When the guy comes to put in my corner cupboard in the kitchen/diner to take my dye stuff I'll ask him to have a look and quote for an upstairs cupboard as well. Life could get better! At the moment I'm drowning in stuff and its getting worse! I have plans and I could yet live!

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