Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Door

We now have a lovely new door and I am very pleased with it. Martin made a new plaque for the number and altogether I think it all looks very smart. A great improvement on the old door as there are no droughts!
I have a class tomorrow. The first one after Easter. There will be eight or nine students which is a good number. We are going to meet once a month and then have coffee mornings on the second Friday in each month. I think this will work well for the summer months when classes are competing with holidays and gardening. Tomorrow we are going to be doing a session on machine quilting using free machine techniques. This is really a most important part of the quilt making process but so often is the least important part because of the rush to get the quilt finished. And yet so often the quilting can add just that final touch that brings everything together. I was amazed at how many different ways I was able to quilt using a squared grid to form a sampler. Ideas just kept coming. Should be a fun class!


  1. I have been looking at your blog recently and it's lovely. Wish I could come to your classes but Cornwall is a bit far from Dorset!I am enjoying reading back in your blog BW Goosey

  2. Door and plaque are fab! very smart! we need a new door, too! (we need a new HOUSE! GULP!!)
    Classes sound fab too, glad you worked out a workable solution to the summer sewing - good luck!
    Free machine quilting sounds like a good class to host - will you pass on any tips to us via your blog?