Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today I started to sort out all the ribbons I have. The intention is to have one 33x37x33cm drawer for all my ribbons. I am fond of making jokes! I didn't realise just how much ribbon I have. When stuff is all over the place gathering it together into one spot is enlightening to say the least! So many reels with 25yards(bought in the US) or more on them. I will never use all that! So I rewound them and gave the spools to a friend and halved all the quantities. The spools alone would take up half a drawer! One half for me and one to make up into the goody bags I'm going to do. I have wired ribbon both plain and ombre shaded;satin ribbon; velvet ribbon; silk ribbon and grosgrain ribbon just to mention a few. And all of these come in several widths from teeny tiny to ginormous!I will arrange it by colour and size! This way I will see what I have and may even use it! So anything that won't fit into the drawer will be out! I have made a list of all the kinds of supplies I have and I am slowly going to be working through it so that when the drawers arrive next week I am ready to go! Tomorrow I will look at the lace I have! Again, a drawer's worth is all I want to keep!

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