Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This and That!

Yes Sue, I know what you mean. I too could do with a larger house. Or at least a larger workroom. My workroom is barely 7ft by 7ft and with all the stuff I've got crammed in there it is amazing that I get anything done at all. But all that is going to change. My friend Yvonne has had a make over of her workroom which was the dining room in her house and I was so impressed with the units she got from Ikea that I immediately went home and thought of new arrangements for THE room! I have ordered two shelf units(Expedit range) which will give me 8 spaces and into seven of these spaces will go a transparent box and in the eighth one a two drawer insert. This overall unit will then have my work bench which is 6ft by 2ft 6inches on top. The amount of storage compared with what I have now will be massive! The fly in the ointment is that I can't have it until next Wednesday due to the Bank Holiday on Monday. The waiting is killing me! I want to be doing! I shall take some pictures of the before and then eventually of the after. I'm hoping at the same time to clear some of my stash. It has been suggested by one of my students that I make up bags of assorted bits and sell them in class. I may just do that as I have more ribbons, beads, threads, lace and fabric than I can use in a life time, and I'm sure there will be other surplus to requirements things as well, as now that I'm not teaching City and Guilds embroidery, patchwork and dressmaking, I don't need half as much stuff. I am now going to make lists! I love lists. They are such fun! More later!

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