Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New finds of old stuff!

I was searching in my cupboards for some samples and came across these two items. The first one above is of a red velvet bag I made with silk ribbon embroidery. The one below is of ribbon flowers made with wired ribbons on a quilted velvet strip which has been washed so that the backing shrunk and pulled up the velvet. Very easy to do and very effective. These two pieces have reminded me as to why my cupboards and shelves are overflowing! It is because I dabble with too many things rather than just concentrating on one or two! I am going to have to really think about what I do, why I do it and how much of it I'm going to being doing in the future. Like for example the silk ribbon embroidery. I do very little of this now, mainly through lack of time, and have run down my stocks of ribbons. But I still hang on to all the equipment needed for these and several other creative techniques. I used to make lots of hand-made paper but haven't done that for a while but still all the stuff is there. I find it hard to move on! But I will try and make a plan! I enjoy making plans and perhaps this time I will actually act on it. Watch this space!

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