Monday, April 20, 2009

Too busy doing other things!!

I have been so busy with the garden that I haven't had time to sew or do crafty things. But all that will change as the garden is now manageable and won't take so much effort and also I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not doing anything crafty. I did have a mammoth dyeing session at the weekend and produced a good pile of fabric to sell. It is always difficult not to pull out half a dozen pieces or so that I really, really love. But I have been strong. I have a drawer full of Liberty lawn fabrics which I must either use or sell/give away/or lose! I might be tempted to make bundles with a selection in each and see if there is a market for them.
Tomorrow they are coming to fit my new door and it will be chaos but after that I shall sort the fabric out and see what I can do. I'm quite excited about the new door as the old one is terrible. Very hard to close without slamming it! And it's going to be another lovely sunny day! Pictures of the door tomorrow!

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