Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sewing Room

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Pictures of my sewing room as it is at present. The top left and top middle pictures are the view through the open door. The door has hanging on it the wonderful 'Keep Out' crazy quilt notice that my friend Martha Green made for me when we were teaching together somewhere. I love it! The top right is of the back of the door. No space is wasted! Middle and bottom left are of my sewing machine and the boxes piled high on the shelves at the back of the table. Middle middle is of the bookcase beside the door and middle right is of the window and my chair. Bottom middle is underneath my workbench and bottom right is the workbench with the shelves above it. The basic plan is a U shape or actually more of a galley at the moment as I have moved the trolley that used to be under the window.It is definitely time for a change. I shall get rid of the tallboy that restricts one's entrance and the bedside table/cupboard that holds up one end of the workbench but keep the small two drawer chest that holds up the other end. It will go where the tall boy is now. I shall miss the tall boy as it has three shelves and two long drawers. But then I am going to be moving stuff on! Keep reminding me of this!

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to seeing the transformation !!
    I'll be headed back to Maine in two weeks, so I'll have my own sorting and transformation to do.. gulp..
    I like the plastic boxes you're using for the ribbons. Very clever.
    I want to go to Ikea now :)