Tuesday, October 11, 2005

At Work!

Well I'm writing this at work so I won't be able to add any pictures until I return home. I can see that I'm not going to be able to get a chance to do any more to the 'Rock Pool' pieces until I get back from London. Time is racing by and I've had to spend precious moments putting photos onto CD's for my daughter and collecting various things that she wants me to bring up with me. I am travelling up tomorrow night on the sleeper from Redruth and get into Paddington at 5.10 in the morning but am able to stay on the train until 7.15. Having done this journey several times I now know where to go for breakfast once I leave the train while waiting for the bus to take me to Allie Pallie. If I go to Woodgreen they lay on a free bus which goes every 15 minutes or so. However I shall have a lot of time to kill as the show doesn't open until 10.00 and then I'm going to have to check my luggage at Allie Pallie as I don't want to carry it around with me all day plus get an entrance ticket as I wasn't organised enough to buy one in advance and save £1. I shall be in London for nearly a week, returning next Tuesday afternoon so there will be no blog until I get back but I'll take loads of pictures to share with you.

I am taking my block for the Katrina quilt being organised by Sharon Boggins. Sorry no link but it is beyond my capabilities here. I'll edit when I'm at home tonight. I thought this would be good to take to do in the evenings. And I hope to be able to buy some fantastic buttons or trimmings while I'm up in town. In fact I'm hoping to buy lots of interesting goodies, especially some permanent markers. Bombay Stores is always a good port of call for lovely fabrics, especially transparent ones. Not that I really need loads more fabric but I can never resist a bargain!

At this time I am going through what might be called my 'fishy' phase and most of what I'm doing is working around this broad theme. Yesterday I started some tentative drawings to incorporate this theme into a more abstract form and came up with a drawing that pleased me. I was influenced a lot I think by staring at the brick wall to the side of my desk! lol This is something that I'll definitely work on later. First as postcards and then as a larger piece. Already I can see in my mind's eye exactly the fabrics I will need and the specific colour combinations. I haven't felt so productive or enthusiastic for a while now so this is a good sign. Having to work part-time dulled a small part of my creativity and made it harder to feel motivated but obviously I am now learning to live with it! This is good! Talking with other like minded artists is also good as it makes the juices run. On that note I'll have to do some work.

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  1. I just got back and now you're leaving. Boohoo! I'll miss you. Bring back lots of lovely pix for us to see :-)