Saturday, October 08, 2005


I was pleased with my experiments. The fabric turned out to be very interesting. Some of it I really liked and other pieces weren't that different to stuff I'd already done. The pieces below are some that I liked best. I've still got a batch in the washing machine so there might be some surprises among that lot.

While I drank my evening meal....I made a smoothie with banana and manderin oranges plus aloe vera and cranberry juice with a scoop of whey protein powder. It was delicious and made two large glasses! When I got on the scales this morning I had lost another two pounds so I am feeling positive! There is every chance I'll get into the lovely black lace evening dress I have for our works anniversary dinner and dance at the end of November. In fact I have contingency plans for it being too big. I'm an optimist! lol Anyway as I was saying, while I drank my evening meal I watched the DVD and it was well worth watching. If you're reading this Gabrielle I would have liked more closeups! The use of the permanent markers particularly enthralled me as I wouldn't have thought of using these on fabric. The other tools I have and use regularly though its good to see how someone else makes use of them. So I did a search tonight on Google for permanent markers. It is disappointing as they only come in black, blue, red and if you're lucky green! Well that is all I've found so far. Again I would have liked a close up of the pen and some name dropping. Its always good to know who makes the product being used. And if you want a tip for the next series it would be good to have a 'you can buy these at' included somewhere! Again another DVD well worth buying and tomorrow I am planning to go and try out some of the ideas. I'm so glad I bought loads of Markal paintstiks! I must dig out my oil pastels and my inks. And I knew that enormous bottle of fabric medium would come in useful! Its just like being back at Art School! Play, play, play! I could become an instructional DVD junkie!


  1. Every one of these fabrics is a keeper. I'd say you had a very successful day! Jen

  2. Val, the markers do come in more colors. Get thee to an art supply on the marker whether or not it is permanent and go for it. I am using Setacolor markers but there are many others that are permanent. Glad you enjoyed me playing around. Will speak to the camera man re: close ups.