Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I oughta be doing but

I oughta be doing lots of things and not sitting at the computer but I've just been into town. After putting everything I bought away its a bit of an anti climax and I need something to give me a shove in the right direction. Also I seem to have pulled something across my shoulders because my right shoulder going towards the neck is really stiff and last night even after a hot bath I had difficulty in getting comfortable in bed. Was hoping it would have gone by this morning but no, its still with me. When I'm with my daughter next week I'll get her to give me a massage. As a trained masseuse she does the most wonderful massages. She has magic in her fingers! And having reflexology on my feet is heaven too. I just wish she lived nearer and I'd be having massages every week!

So here is what I want to do today before I go to bed.
1. play some more with my postcards
2. applique some of my already fused leaf block
3. dye a couple more brown pieces of fabric to complete the set
4. start sorting my fabric so as to weed out stuff I'm never gong to use

I think that's enough. Better to aim for less and achieve it, or most of it than be depressed that so little got done. Time for tiffin better phone Mum! I bought her a lovely blue necklace in a charity shop to replace one she broke at the weekend.

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