Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lovely, lovely Saturday!

I love Saturdays. They are my favourite day in the week. In the mornings I usually go into town and mooch around the shops with my friend Sue and catch up on all the gossip, have coffee and just generally have a good time. And in the afternoons I dye! As I write I have dyed pieces all over my kitchen. It doesn't bother me dyeing in the kitchen. I clear the decks, use lots of plastic sheeting and away I go. I am alone so I don't have to worry about anyone else. Bliss! Today I ran the idea of a ten by ten studio/shed in the garden by Martin. I had already worked out all the pros and cons in my head and I thought he would be pleased to get me and my dyeing out of the house. You would have thought that I had suggested building a high rise in the garden the way he took it. So I don't think that is going to be one of my more successful ideas. Pity!

This morning while in town I posted my postcards off to all those in the Lisa swap. I hope that they all reach everyone and in prime condition. They caused a lot of interest in the post office as I don't think they had seen anything like them before. Anyway do let me know when they arrive as they are like my babies going off into the world on their own!

I have a treat for tonight! My DVD from Gabrielle, Tools II has arrived. I don't think that is its exact title and no doubt Gabrielle will be peeved that I can't remember what it is called but I do know that I am very excited at being able to watch it at last! Gabrielle has a very seductive way of putting across her point! And even though you know that you can do whatever it is she is showing you, lo and behold you find yourself going away and trying it out just because she said so! Now that's seduction! lol

Finding my pieces of painted fabric yesterday has sparked the enthusiasm for finishing them. I found myself lying in bed last night working out how I would go about it. Thinking of the colours I'd use and what yarns I could embellish with and how I would finish it off when done. You notice that I am already in mind at the finished stage! lol

On Thursday of this coming week I am going to the Stitching and Knitting Show at Alexandra Palace. Caroline thinks that I am making the trip to London to visit with her but actually my prime motive in going to the big city is to go to the show. Then after that I will go and stay with her for a few days but the show is the thing. Its good to kill two birds with one stone where possible! I go every year come hell and high water and will no doubt continue to go every year until I depart this world. I have been tempted by the Festival of Quilts but there is something about Allie Pallie that appeals to me. Not least of which is that it is easy to get to. I am also hoping to get to Paper Chase so that I can replenish my supplies of hand made papers. This is an amazing shop and it is impossible to leave in under three hours! Fortunately they have wonderful comfy sofas to sit on while regaining strength. There are some good exhibitions on at the V & A or I might see what is on at the Barbican which is nearer to where I will be. I have been instructed to take my 'wellie boots' so I can see I will be helping out in the allotment! Will I come back home a shadow of my former self! Would be nice!

Now to go and see what my latest experimentation has brought forth. This is the bit I love!

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  1. Ooh, goody goody, I'll look out for mine! Can't wait. Love the dyed fabrics as usual. Have a nice time at Ally Pally - wish I was going... nearly did last year and then Zachary threw up all night and I couldn't...