Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Well this morning I have to pack. I don't want to take a large case and looking at the pile of stuff I have to lug up with me for Caroline I think I'm going to have a hard job getting it all into my minute carry on! At least it has an inserted panel to allow it to strrrrrrrrrrrrrrretch! And boy will it need it! I'm only going for a week but to look at the stuff it would seem as if I'm leaving home for good! I really think I should have gone up by car but I really, really hate driving in London. It is a punishment worse than death! Ugh shudder at the thought of it!

I'm supposed to be going to the local jewellery store to see if they have any interesting bits in their oddments box. These sell for a fraction of their original price and being a jeweller Caroline likes to get whatever's going. So I shall have to try and fit this in with everything else I have to do.

But there was an interesting aspect to this morning. I had to trim so ivy away from the back door of the garage so that I could open it fully to get my wellington boots and in amongst the ivy I found this darling little wren's nest. Isn't it sweet! She must have been very circumspect in her movements in the summer as I didn't even realise that it was there although I did think that there was a nest somewhere in the garden. Oh well, back to packing! Trying to fit a quart into a pint pot as usual! I shall be back next Wednesday!


  1. Have a lovely time and be sure to post pics of all your purchases when you get back - almost as good as being there! (well.... slightly....).

  2. Have fun, but leave room in your suitcase for lots of goodies to bring home!

  3. Val, we miss you...hope you are have a fabulous trip...hurry home soon.