Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturdays come round with such regularity! And Saturday for me is usually into town in the morning and then dyeing in the afternoon and evening. However this week I was up early to press the fabric I dyed last night. Sometimes I just need to do some dyeing and last night was one of those times. So being up early meant I could get a lot done. The fabrics pressed up well and I was pleased with them. I was going for reddish browns and that is what I got. I was using basically tan, orange and blue and so I did a few greeny pieces and a couple of blues. These colours are always useful. A couple I really liked and they will be ideal for backgrounds. I wasn't dyeing for backgrounds but for applique but I really don't think I want to cut into these.
I have tidied up the workroom so that I can walk in and start on something immediately without have to clear some space. Then I organised my threads so that I can lay my hands on them quickly. Really I'm trying to save time so that I can get more done. Today I have a friend coming to see me this afternoon so that I can show her how to get her digital photos onto the computer. XP is such a wonderful thing as everything is immediate. I remember before XP that it was necessary to have installed a program on the computer before one could do anything. Now I can just plug my smart media card into any card slot and it will read it. Of course there has to be a suitable program installed for showing the pictures!
So today I want to:
Spend time with my friend Yvonne
Make some more postcards
Do some more dyeing
Work on my 'Orb' project
Look at the McTavishing book which arrived yesterday
And I have to say that I am really loving my steam press as it turns what was a real chore into an enjoyable experience and the results are definitely superior!

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