Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wonderful day!

Today is definitely going to be wonderful! I jumped on the scales this morning and I have lost a tad over 1/2 a stone! (for the uninitiated a stone is 14lbs!) So this very easy way of eating is actually losing weight for me and I have to say that I have done no more exercise than usual. You know the odd walk (and all my walks are odd! grin), a bit of yoga and climbing a few stairs! So in approx 10 days I have done really well! Time will tell!
And secondly yesterdays dyeings were amazing. Several pieces definitely had the WOW factor for me and will be hard to part with. In fact one I shall keep because immediately I saw it I saw a use for it. The exercise was to dye a batch of browns for an order and as you know to make brown you need a fair amount of colours. These had to be bluey browns so I limited my red palette. The results were awesome! Well to me anyway! And what was even better was that the pieces I dyed last using up the remnants were all brilliant. Not a wash out among them. A couple I'm not sure about but then I could try stamping, stencilling or something on top! More fun! The ones I've posted are all of the last remnant batch. I don't very often do fabrics larger than 20x60 as I work in such a small space and last night I was even having to batch pieces on the floor having run out of counter space! Just as well I was on my own!

Of the list from yesterday I did everything except work on my 'Orb' project. I may be able to do some more to it today. And then again! The McTavishing book was interesting to read and I might try it. I already vary my quilting so as not to use stippling constantly. The DVD wasn't one of the best I've seen and in fact not one I could watch all the way through in one go. However it was interesting and some of the quilts shown were beautiful. My students tell me I use the word 'interesting' when I'm not sure about something but don't want to offend anyone! lol I wish now I'd bought the Ricky Tims DVD instead as there were a lot of good comments about it on the British Quilt list and very positive they were too. Perhaps I'll have to buy it as well!
Its a lovely sunny day here so perhaps we will go for a coastal footpath walk this afternoon. We could go in the car to our starting point and thus venture further afield! But now its time for lunch and I'm starving!

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  1. Val: What IS this marvelous diet you're on? Will you share? I've been trying to lose some pounds since April and all I've lost is 9 pounds. Haven't lost anything for almost a month now! I admire your progress!