Thursday, October 06, 2005

Flat on my back!

I'm flat on my back as my feet hurt and my back is killing me. Its Thursday of course and that means class night and tomorrow is Friday and that means doing it all over again tomorrow. Did I tell you I love teaching? Well I'm going to take a rain check on that as until Saturday I might have a different view! I find it almost impossible to believe how tiring I find it. How can something that goes by in the flash of an eyelid and is fun to do cause so much pain!
My postcards for the Lisa swap are finished and just need addressing. I can' t post pictures until the recipients have received them so I shall have to keep them all to myself for the moment and remember to take photos of them before they depart. I really don't want to part with them. Its going to be a wrench, like losing one's first born! But they are going to good homes! Reminds me of when I was breeding Cavaliers and the way I felt when the puppies were sold. Sad!
Had to leave the Fibreartpostcard group today as I just couldn't take the level of bitchiness. Some poor man was posting cards that were mixed media and he inadvertently (or even on purpose....who knows) stirred up a storm because his cards weren't pure fabric. Oh the nasty spiteful catty comments. Its at times like this that I'm ashamed of my own sex! Women can be such bitches! Whatever his fault he didn't deserve the flak he got! So I left ...its the only way to show my disquiet! I'm sorry for the two swaps I was in as they'll now have to find another member but the whole thing left a nasty taste in my mouth and life's too short for that! I just want a quiet life! Full of exclamation marks! lol He is going to start his own group and I am tempted to join it.
Bed is calling me. Loudly!

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  1. So sorry you left. I just deleted all those silly posts. That's what that button is for!

    I got one of his "cards" and it was awful. I threw it out. Just a few sloshes of paint on cardboard with inadvertant fingerprints and other messes. I felt quite cheated, but didn't say anything. I just quietly decided I wouldn't be in a swap with him again. I'm glad he's gone and wish he'd stop posting mean comments.