Friday, October 07, 2005

Hidden treasures

Well this evening I got sidetracked. I was looking for a small bag I'd made and which I now realise I've given away. The reason for this was because I had a frenzy of making small things which I could clone and use as stocking fillers at Christmas. I made several small things and was looking for a bag which I could take a pattern from and unearthed a box that I hadn't looked into for over a year, perhaps longer! It was like Aladdin's cave and I spent time just looking and remembering when! I will post some pictures of what are on the whole half started pieces. I was so full of ideas for usage when I did them but sadly they never came to fruition. Perhaps their time is now. I was really pleased with the small purse I made. I shamelessly copied it from one I'd done some years ago and it worked just as well today as it did then. And I found very similar fabrics so didn't have to try out anything new. It is such a simple idea and consists of just four circles and a length of binding. And its a bit of a cheat because I had left over binding so didn' t have to make new which saved me time. I am such a hoarder but then these left over bits can be so useful! This is something I will definitely make lots of! The method is this. Do some decorative stitching across one circle ( a fabric one). I did some twin needle work as one of my machine's was already set up for this. Again cheating! lol Then place the decorated circle face down with a second circle of plastic on top ( I use old shower curtaining). Then fold each of the other two circles in half WS in and place on each side of the circles (fabric and plastic). Bind all round the edge. Make rouleau strips to make ties and voila one small make up pouch. I will post pictures.

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