Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I am having so much fun with these postcards that I found it hard to go to work! Anyway the good news is that bar anything going pear shaped I should be able to post them out on Saturday! These are the postcards for Lisa's group. You all know who you are! It is going to be a wrench to part with them!

Having had so many emails about my little silk ribbon dolly bag I'm going to post a picture of the same design but done in a heavy cotton. I made this one for my Mum to keep cotton wool balls in. I think it looks just as lovely but in a different way. When I wanted photos for the little instruction booklet I made for my class it was dark. However nothing deterred I ventured out into our back yard and put the little bag on a stone plinth with my roses. In fact in spite of the dark using the flash the pictures came out very well and so did pictures of the badger that was watching me from under the tree! It was a while before I noticed him or her but he or she wasn't fazed at all by me or the camera flash! Unfortunately he wasn't to be part of the class so got cut out of the final pictures. Since then we've had badgers visiting us regularly.

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