Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Today's quiz

Dominant Personality: Innocence

Good Traits: You're bubbly and bright. You
ask a lot of questions, and can make anyone

Bad Traits: You're too naive. People will
step all over you.

You're Most Like: Calm. You're laid back,
and don't get much accomplished. But you have
more energy than someone who's calm.

You Need More: Fear. You run into dangerous
situations without a care, and find yourself
trapped. Be aware, and listen to your instinct.

What's your dominant trait? (10 unique results)
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This I got thanks to Sapphire at Dakini Dreams while doing my breakfast troll of blogs I like. I have a friend coming round to buy some fabric so should try and tidy the house. Martin has a cold and so no doubt will spend the day or the morning anyway, in bed! Poor lamb he sounded awful last night. Just don' t let me get it before I go away to London that's all I say! My sympathies will be measured! lol

Todays list;
1. Finish postcards or try to!
2. See my Mum at some time in the morning.
3. Look out samples for class.
4. Continue with sorting and weeding out of fabric etc.

Somehow I don't think I'll get a lot done this morning. But I'll try!

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  1. Oh no...a quiz...just when I was in rehab for quiz enabler, you have broken my streak of no quiz taking. Sigh! However, I love that you are so innocent...not something that I think will be my answer.