Monday, October 03, 2005

Nothing to write!

Its been one of those days. Not a lot has happened and its been dull to say the least. There was enough of the casserole I made yesterday to do today as well so I haven't even got to 'stir myself to cook. I started the day off by overdyeing a couple of pieces of the brown fabric with even more brown. There were red flecks in them from the red I'd used when mixing the brown. I find red dyes a real pain in the b! They never mix up nicely no matter what I do and straining works only about nine goes in ten and its that tenth time that defeats me! Sometimes it isn't too bad but this was bad. However after overdyeing it looked fine. I used a bluer brown and it seems to have worked into the red and obliterated it. In fact the overdyed colours are good.
Then I made what seemed like zillions of postcards but was only five. I am so slow at this but then it involves several processes and one of them needs time to dry so that can hold up the works for a while. I pottered about and sorted things out for classes and generally felt busy. But at the end of the day when I look back I haven't really done anything spectacular. And I haven't even thought about the 'orb' project and I am burning up with ideas for it! I have written them down on paper so they won't get lost. I've got a lovely collection of yarn that I buy for its novelty look. This I will couch or use in an embroidered process somewhere in the design. I certainly don't knit with it! I can't see the fascination with knitting. When I was at college, and that was many moons ago, I thought I'd make an orange chunky knit jacket. It was a short chunky jacket to be worn with my jeans. So I started the back and it seemed to grow and grow and then I came to the shaping for the armholes. And then it was finished and so I started a front. Now this had to be matched to the back and there wasn't enough wool so I bought some more. Fortunately they had plenty. And then I started the next front and had to buy more wool and then more wool for the sleeves and more for the collar. Well to cut a long story short this jacket when sewn up came down to my knees and the sleeves had to have rolled back cuffs as they were on the long side! After all the time I had spent knitting this I was determined to wear it. So picture this and remember in those days I was thin! We have this thin long haired blonde in jeans with high heels and this long orange jacket/coat! Complete with dark glasses and an artist's portfolio! It was the 60's and I thought I looked the bees knees but the thought of me then now makes me cringe! And when I got married and left the jacket at home (I got married straight from college) my mum gave it away to the gypsies and for years whenever I came back to visit I would see one of them wearing it in the village! So yes, I hate knitting! I mean I can knit but somehow the knitting takes control and I can't be doing with that! My children would plead with me not to knit them anything! Grin

But there was one bright spot in the day....Whoohoo! I got a tax rebate!!! Yes sirree! I shall think of that when I'm feeling I haven't done anything and it will take my mind off my days happenings or not happenings.

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