Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Walk on the Beach

Well eventually we decided to go in the car, collect the Sunday papers, and continue on to Flushing where we would park the car and walk. Actually in the eventuality we drove through Flushing and parked the car at Trefusis Point and then walked down to the beach and along the rocks. Mainly because I wanted to collect shells and stones. One of my students was wearing the most beautiful necklace last week made out of sea glass so I thought I might collect some of this too. I do have lots of it somewhere already which is just as well as there was little to be seen and what was there was rubbish. But I got loads of shells. While Martin sat on the rocks and watched the world go by I poked about in rock pools and took pictures. The sun was so hot that I had to take my cardigan off. In fact if I'd had a swim suit with me I might even have been tempted to go swimming.
Someone, a kind reader of this blog, commented that I 'have quite an eye for photography'. Well, thank you very much but I have to explain that a lot of my success with photographs is my trusty digital camera which is a Fuiji Finepix 4900 which is sadly no longer made. But it is a truly magnifent camera and I put any success I have with photos squarely down to it. It is my all time best friend. It never turns round and says things like 'why on earth did you want to take that' or 'how do you think that will turn out in these conditions'. No, it does its best each time and ensures that regardless of the weather, angle or speed at which I'm travelling the shot will come out OK! What more can one ask!
I'm now going to depress myself and read the Sunday Times. There will be enjoyable bits but I have to make sure that I save these until last. I've got a casserole in the oven....Pork Tenderloin and Prunes will be delicious and will cheer me up no matter what bad news the paper has. And then I'm off to continue with my postcards.

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  1. ...but it's you who sees what is worth photographing, and frames it in the best way...