Friday, May 22, 2009

Bag Two!

Bag 2 is finished! I really like it and won't need to make another bag for at least 6 months! I wasn't happy with the first one and realise now that using Pelmet Vilene to stiffen the sides was a big mistake as it made the bag unwieldy. And I don't like flaps. They may be good for security reasons but for actual shopping where one is getting one's purse in and out of the bag several times it is just inconvenient. This one with a zip is much better. And I've put in extra pockets!

As well as pockets on both sides of the lining I've also added pockets on both gussets. And there are pockets on both the front and back outside plus pockets on the outside of the gussets. Two of the inside pockets are zipped for security. And this time I got the measurements of the outside pockets right and they take A4 size documents! All in all I am well pleased though the rings for the handle are a bit heavy but I had great difficulty finding them and it was only when Martin went to the chandlers that we had any success. The ones on the last bag I cannibalised from the bag that broke. I don't think I could make bags for a living! I enjoyed doing the bobbin work in heavy thread for some of the front pocket decorations.


  1. I prefer a bag that fully closes for security too when out and about/shopping etc.

  2. I need a new bag too - I used an op shop batik dress for my last one and the fabric is wearing out! The last one had no zip in the top (would have been hard to do with the pattern I worked out) but the next one will. I'd love to know what dyes you use if you don't mind - although whether they would be available in Australia would be another thing. I've done some dyeing with my son's girlfriend but I think I'd like to dye on something with a bit of shine to it - maybe a cotton sateen or something like that. This is a long comment - better stop!

  3. Sue I used my bag today shopping and it was brilliant. Easy to access but totally secure! This will keep me going for another six months at least!

    Jeannie I use Procion MX dyes.Very easy to use. They are good for cotton. Will dye silk but acid dyes are better for silk.