Saturday, May 02, 2009

What a Mess!

I got Martin to help me take the tallboy down to my mother's garage where it will stay until we get rid of it. The immediate improvement was gratifying. Then I dismantled the work top and moved the small two drawer chest next to my sewing machine table. This has given me more space when I am sewing and I don't feel so hemmed in.

I will keep the small cabinet which held up the other end of the workbench as it is a very nice Victorian bedside cabinet and goes with my Victorian wardrobe and dressing table. The rack of drawers (white) which was under the workbench has fitted quite nicely onto the small chest of drawers. It can just be seen behind the rack that holds my rotary cutting rulers and squares.

Everywhere is a mess with things piled high on the floor and on the landing. I won't be able to do very much more now until the units arrive. Mainly because I need to pile everything that is left onto the bed to give me some floor space to put the units together and if I do this now I won't be able to go to bed until Wednesday!

The workbench is leaning up against the bookcase and makes going in and out a bit of a struggle! But this is nothing compared to what is already piled up elsewhere!

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