Friday, May 01, 2009

Hidden treasures!

One of the things that I find when I am having a major tidy up and clear out in my workroom is that I discover things I had forgotten I had! I am hoping that with my new storage system that I will be able to see things more clearly and also have a better idea of what I've got and where it is. The downside of these new discoveries is that they haven't been allotted a space in the new plan. Where are they to go without throwing all the carefully calculated plans adrift! For example in amongst the laces which I sorted today, and I'm pleased to say there was less than I thought, I found lots of Angelina and special water soluble such as the thicker versions for making sculptures. Why they should be with the laces I don't know! And I'm ashamed to say that I bought this thicker water soluble at a show a couple of years ago and haven't even used it! How bad is that!
I am very glad I decided to go with one set of double drawers because things like templates don't need depth. Also they run the risk of being damaged if in a deep drawer.
Another thing is that I'm running out of space to put things so that I can remove the tallboy from the workroom. I have to remember that I'm going to need to go to bed at night! But a lot has to come out before it can go back in! I expect this weekend I will be able to organise it all a bit more efficiently so that come Wednesday and the delivery of the unit I shall be all ready to go! Roll on Wednesday!

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