Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just had a birthday for my blog!

Just over four years ago I started this blog. I have lost the first ten days as I changed my template not realising that I would lose all the content. It was interesting to go back to the first posts this time four years ago. I was into experimental work on felt. The felt in the picture below is some I made myself. I still like making felt and I'm also into embellishing with hand needles. I haven't yet been able to convince myself that I need an embellisher!

I was also into making bags. This crazy patchwork scrip bag has been around the world with me and now been honourably retired so that the embroidery doesn't get hurt! I had great fun making it. I particularly loved using broken shells in my embroideries. Inserted in this one is a small embroidered fish.

And I was also moving my workroom around! Doesn't it look better now! I obviously didn't have as much stuff in those days as it looks quite bare. I actually managed to have both my sewing machines set up at the same time. But then again I had no cutting area. So where did I cut out?

So all in all there is nothing new under the sun it just gets better. And yes Sue I am delighted that my sewing room is now functional and a joy to use. I am making another bag.This time with a zip fastening! Well why not!

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  1. Happy Blog-Birthday! I hope there is cake! (and GIN?)
    I was thinking back to my beginning blog and sewing days only the other day too!
    When I first started blogging I was newly returning to knitting and wanted to reflect all that I was doing creatively in one place as I was scattered across the web on various sew/digi/emb/knitty forums and groups.
    I don't blog as much (or as creatively!) but hopefully that will change soon as I have more time on my hands and no excuse with the shoulder improving!
    goodness? I've taken up all your comments space!
    Hugs. Sue