Thursday, May 07, 2009

Worse before it gets better!

Well the units are in, complete with drawers but oh, what a mess! I have far too much stuff! Already the drawers are full and labelled. I have tidied up the shelves above and made more room there by amalgamating half full boxes. Everything is being labelled so that I know where things are, as what usually happens is that I remember where something used to live but not where it is now! The units are wonderful and I have space between them to put large cutting boards and rotary squares etc. There is also a gap behind them where I can put frames and flat things that I don't use that often but like to have handy. But what to do with the excess stuff? Some of it will go in the attic. And some of it I have divided up into baggies which I will sell. I have a coffee morning tomorrow so I might offer them up then and see if I have any takers. I have put a book in each bag along with fabric, both silk and cotton, plus threads, beads, ribbons and oddments. Good value for £8 I think!
It was annoying that the units were damaged slightly when they arrived. I have put the damaged bit at the back but the crack in one of the box fronts shows! I have complained but I didn't want to send it all back. So I've sent photos and I should get compensation. I hope! Not the same as getting perfect items!

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