Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good or Excellent!

'We are what we think we are.' Amazing words that I found on Melody Johnson's blog Fibermania. I was so impressed with what she had to say about Professional as opposed to Amateur creative heads and the results that one would get depending on which head was on at the time. Go read it for yourself - Wednesday 13th's post. What she says is so true and I know this for a fact. When I make things for myself I am never as on the ball as when I make things for class samples or for sale or commission. Then everything is just perfect but for me I can be a tad lazy being more concerned with finishing than with the finish. None so true a word as to the bag I've just made for me. It's very nice (isn't nice an awful word?) but I'm not sure I like it. It's very big! I suppose this is because it was a prototype and I was trying out ideas and therefore not as fussy as I could have been. It's not sloppily made but just a tad off. I needed a list! Actually I had a list and it would have been better if I'd followed it! I found I forgot several stages that then had to be rectified and added in and I went for a stiffened bag which on reflection needed more thought that it got. And do I really like stiffened bags? Probably not! What this bag has got going for it is loads of pockets. I love lots of pockets in a bag. This one has inside pockets and outside pockets and even one for my umbrella! I will post pictures tonight as I'm at work now so no pictures to hand.

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