Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thoughts on Blogging

Apropros to my comments about a lack of comments it was interesting to see that my subscribers on the Blog Roll went overnight from 26 to 8! I then decided to look through the many blogs I subscribe to -- 126 -- and found that out of that number over half were defunct! What has happened to Handmaiden and Suckers Anonymous to name but two? Of the rest some of them were no longer of interest and I have ended up with 46 which will be much more manageable and I will probably be able to keep up with reading them all and I shall make a new resolution to comment where I can. People like comments. It makes them feel that a) they have something to say that is of interest to someone else and b) that they aren't alone in the world! I shall continue with the blog for my own edification in the future when not only do I want to find lost photos but also I want to know when and possibly how I made things and why I made them. It has been interesting while looking for my lost photos to see how my dyeing style has subtly changed over the years. I think it is much better now but that is as maybe! Anyway I shall persevere and continue to put my thoughts down. I was going to say on paper but it isn't paper so what is it?


  1. Glad you've got your sewng room finished! super job! I need to get back into my sewing room and crack on with my blog too!
    I slowed up a bit when I hit a bad spell of pain in my shoulder but now things are improved, am hoping to get the creativity back too!

  2. Usually I read your blog via Google Reader so I don't make comments, can you imagine that? gg 'what, Debs, quiet???' but truly, I do look forward to seeing your progress and I love the pics. I need to get back into blogging now that I am home again. If I can get the stupid internet connection to work for five minutes at a time...
    I have more excuses than I have motivation, I think!