Monday, May 11, 2009

Working in the new room!

To celebrate having my room finished I decided to make myself a new handbag. This was partly influenced by the fact that the bag I was using decided to break at the weekend. The strap, which I had already mended once, broke again beyond repair. So I have designed myself a really useful bag with lots of pockets and space for all the hundred and one things I can't live without! It is no wonder that the strap broke as my bag weighs a ton! So far I have cut out the bag and lining pieces and attached the pockets; one with a zip fastening. I have also decided on the design for the bag flap and have started to put that together. Then I had to leave it all to go and have lunch and go to work!
It was a joy working in the 'new' room as everything was to hand and there was so much space. I shall post pictures later.

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