Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Can't resist!

Its no good I've just got to read the book! Digital Fortress isn't as good as Angels and Demons but its pretty riveting for all that. And I can't put it down - not even to blog! Especially as my car ran out of battery because the courtesy light was on all afternoon. I had to call my friendly neighbourhood mechanic aka Martin, to come and get me out of the ordure. And didn't he go on about leaving lights on and idiots and so forth. But I was grateful to him for coming to my rescue. And the thing is I can swear blind that the light wasn't on last night when I stuck the car in the garage as I would have noticed the light in the dark. And I didn't need it in daylight so how did it put itself on? So I'm feeling a bit miffed! So must escape into the book. Bye for now.

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